Professional writing and editing service with a personal touch

When you need text that conveys an accurate, targetted and logical message in the right tone, I’m here to help. I provide a personal and communicative service and deliver excellent results that will meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations.


Eliminating errors with professional precision in areas such as:

Word Choices

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Conveying information in the most effective manner with extra consideration of:

Logical Flow
Development of Ideas
Sentence Structure
Voice & Formality

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Expertise and experience in all writing styles including, but not limited to:

Research Reports
Feature Articles
Writing Tuition
Webpage Content

Profile Writing

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Get it right with weproofwrite

With over 30-years’ experience in the language field and a professional attention to semantics, structure and grammar, I’m able to ensure that your project is delivered on time and in keeping with how you wish the written word to achieve your aims.

30+ Years Expertise in Language

focused on all aspects of written texts: writing, copy-editing, proofreading and teaching tertiary level English language skills

A Personal Professional Approach

based on close communication with you throughout the process. My personal touch makes the difference

Expertly Qualified

including a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Diploma of Education (high school English, Junior Science), CELTA (ESL teaching), IELTS (English language Speaking examiner), Diploma of Art & Design

Insight & Life Experience

in a variety of fields from science to humanities gives me the understanding and flexibility to work on a variety of projects from academic to creative

Attention to Detail

is meticulous ensuring project results that will exceed your expectations

Commitment & Timeliness

from start to finish of your project is implemented within your timeframe

Hello, I’m Eva.

My mission is to help you communicate through language that’s effective, accurate and appropriate.

My many years of engagement in the language field have seen me working as a proofreader, writer and copy-editor of diverse texts. I’ve also spent many years as a teacher of tertiary-level English, requiring daily scrutiny of my students’ writing with a focus on the grammar and structure necessary to convey academic coherence.

This experience of scrutinising the English language gives me a unique advantage in confidently helping you polish your text so that it accurately and effectively reflects what you need to convey.

​Professional attention to detail and timely turnaround are guaranteed.

Testimonials from satisfied clients

“Eva worked as sub-editor and writer for Green Pages magazine while I was the company’s Art Director. As sub-editor, it was her job to proof journalists’ articles for me before they were incorporated into the magazine. She also wrote the copy for advertorials to strict word limits and occasionally contributed a feature article. We were always under pressure to meet our publishing deadlines. The company was very happy with her accuracy, word craft and timeliness.”

Robert M
Art Director
GreenPages Magazine
(Sydney, Australia)

“We were delighted with Eva’s work for LuxeyCup when we were setting up our business, whether it was writing our About Us page and Mission Statement, editing our news feeds or proofreading text like our business plan and complex specs on packaging. We gained confidence in our communication with customers through her attention to detail and fast turnaround. We highly recommend her.”

Andrew M
(Noosaville, Australia)

“Eva has worked for us as a Business English instructor on several occasions in Bangkok. We were always impressed by her excellent language skills, so when we branched out to include tours, she was the perfect choice to edit our new Insight Siam brochure. We highly recommend Eva for her dedication to achieving great results whether this be teaching English or writing effective text.”

Greg J
Insight Siam and William Jones English School
(Bangkok, Thailand)

“Eva became Vice President of the Branch for two years and before leaving office compiled a Manual of Operating Guidelines for our organization outlining procedural protocol and roles of individual members. This guide, regularly updated, has been invaluable to the ten executive committee members ever since.”

Norma Mc
M.A., B.Com. Past President AFUW
(Brisbane, Australia)

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