Creative Blog Writing – The intrigue of doors and portals

The objective of this written piece was to introduce an album of door and portal images from around the world.

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The intrigue of doors and portals

To introduce an album of door and portal images from around the world

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There are few things more enigmatic!
Doors and portals separate the inner from the outer world.
They are where contemplation of what lies beyond takes place.
For those seeking ingress, they either invite or deter.
For those hidden from view, they offer protection, privacy – even secrecy.
I imagine all the emotions a door has seen: the excitement of opening
to love returned, the fear of the intruder, the peace felt within a sanctuary.
They are embodiments of status, of wealth or poverty and symbolic of culture.
The worn granite or marble flagstones under ancient doors
are signatures of sometimes thousands who have crossed those thresholds.
As sentinels to history, they’ve witnessed both laughter and tears –
from those in period costume throughout the years.
All entice me to record them, whether locked and secretive,
or open and generously offering a view within or beyond.
The most magnificent doors in Europe and Asia are those financed
through religious or monarchial – and later – merchant or state wealth.
I stand in awe of their craftsmanship and aesthetic design, but
the most emotive entrances, for me, are those I found in a village
in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Again, I was in awe of both their simplicity
and their individualization: a single, humble design feature differentiating each from its neighbour.

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