Copy-editing, Proofreading – Academic Journal Article: sample #2

An example of copy-editing required for an academic research paper written by a non-native English speaker

An academic research paper from a non-native English speaker

Generally, non-native English (ESL) takes much longer to edit. When significant changes are required, the ‘Track Changes’ function is counterproductive. In these cases, it is more efficient for me to simply edit the entire document and send the edited copy to my client for evaluation and approval.

Time Frame
3 days

ABSTRACT (Original test)
Telecommunication tower is a technology needed in India today but the adverse effects of them are not something that can be tolerated. The people around telecommunication towers should be aware of the dangers that will be occurred from this. Resident awareness about health problems causes by telecommunication towers are important so preventive measures can be taken. In this study, the question of “Do nearby resident to the telecommunication tower in India aware about the adverse effects from it?” are tried to be answered. Mainly the objective is to know whether residential live around telecommunication tower in India aware about the health issues caused by it. Respondents of this case study are telecommunication officer, and residents from Mumbai. Primary data directly obtained from the selected respondents using questionnaire and consists of 800 respondents. As a result, the majority of the respondents are still unaware of the health hazards caused by the telecommunication tower.

ABSTRACT (Edited version)
Telecommunication towers are an essential technology in India today, but their adverse effects are not something that should be tolerated. Residents living close to such towers should be aware of the dangers associated with living in the vicinity of this technology. Indeed, residents’ awareness of the potential negative impacts on their health is the first step towards taking preventative measures. This case study seeks to answer the question: Are residents, who live near telecommunication towers in India, aware of the adverse effects these can have on their health? The respondents in this study were residents of Mumbai. One was a telecommunications officer. Using a questionnaire, data was collected from all 800 respondents. The results show that the majority are unaware of the health hazards caused by telecommunication towers.

Did you know:
Online automated grammar checks can achieve a grammatically accurate text that can, however, be completely nonsensical. When a computer proofreads a text and fails to ‘understand’ its meaning or intention, all it can do is suggest obvious grammar and vocabulary corrections. The text’s meaning may be completely lost, despite correct grammar.

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