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About me:

What services do you offer?

I offer a personalised service in writing, editing, proofreading and writing tuition.

What is your background in language and are you qualified?

I’m a highly qualified professional in the English language domain focusing on writing, copy-editing and teaching with a Diploma in Education, a CELTA and M.A. in Applied Linguistics.

Do you have experience?

I have decades of experience as a writer, magazine copy-editor, proofreader and tertiary academic writing instructor. I have also examined for IELTS, worked as a publicist in market research as well as in language research at university.

Is there anything special about your experience that benefits me?

I have varied educational, work and life experiences that enable me to easily process different subject matter from the sciences through to the Arts.

Why are your services better than other services?

I offer a personalised service. I do not ‘farm’ work out to others. As an author, I’m aware of the importance of selecting the best words for the job and the most effective sentence and paragraph structure. My attention to detail and communicative approach is based on years of writing and teaching experience, broad general knowledge, work experience overseas, and postgraduate studies in linguistics. 

Business & Payments:

Is your business legitimate?

My business has been registered with the Australian Business Register (ABR) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO) since 2013 as Eva Regina Rottenanger, Sole Trader.
My Australian Business Number (ABN) is 91 981 525 834.

Where are you based

I’m located in Sydney, Australia.

How much do your services cost?

This depends on your project.
I will issue a written quote once I have discussed it with you, and you have sent your final instructions and/or copy. 
Writing is quoted per job as it depends on whether research is required.
Private language and writing tuition: $50.00 per hour.

How do you accept payments?

I prefer transfer payments into my Transferwise account. This accepts multiple currencies. It’s simple and straightforward to use. Payment is due within 14 days after you receive the completed project. If your project is particularly large, negotiated progress payments are required as you receive each section for approval.

My Process & What to Expect:

What to expect

You’ll be fully satisfied with my work in its grammatical accuracy and appropriateness.

You’ll find me available for discussion and easy to communicate with.

Your project will be of excellent quality in terms of general readability and in terms of conveying your message to your audience in an unambiguous and timely manner.

If you are a student requiring an essay for your assessment in an accredited course, I will not write such an essay for you because these must be your own work.

How long will it take?

This depends on your project. After discussion and submission of your requirements, time estimates will be included with the quote.

Can you guarantee a good result?

Always. I don’t rest until you’re happy with the job.

What is your process?

After you call to discuss your project, I’ll ask you to send a detailed outline of your requirements and then final clarification in the submission for me to work on. I will then forward you a quote and time estimate.

Some clients require me to outline their project because they may not be 100% sure of their requirements. Such preliminary work will also be quoted on.

The process differs between simple jobs like proofreading, copy-editing your text, and more involved work such as the writing of an article based on research.


What is your privacy / confidentiality policy?

All work is carried out on my laptop and deleted once completed and delivered to you. Your project is never shared nor copied, nor stored. 

I’m happy to sign confidentiality agreements with my clients if required.

How to Contact Me

How can I contact you during a project?

Simply go to the contact page and send me a message.
I will respond to you as soon as possible and give you all my additional contact information including phone and email address.
During the project you can contact me at any time by phone, email or video conference via meet.google.com

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